Increase your performance and endurance without effort. Just add IsoFirms IsoSteviol.
IsoFirms Isosteviol fights muscle breakdown no matter how old you are. Stay strong.
IsoFirms IsoSteviol makes powering up a walk in the park. You won’t necessarily have to run.
Grow your muscles and increase recovery by up to 35%. Without doing heavier lifting.
Isosteviol is the aglucone diterpene, derived from Steviol glucosides. Very simple.

You can’t highlight one good thing about Isosteviol – without highlighting five others.


IsoFirms Isosteviol boosts your endurance so you can go further by actively upregulating glycogen resynthesis and glucose uptake in the muscle tissue, with 35% and 8% respectively, you will stand more fit for the haul ahead – even if the path is long.



IsoFirms Isosteviol gains the advantage between muscle tissue breakdown and muscle tissue synthesis by actively upregulating your glycogen resynthesis with 35%.
That means the muscles is building easier by increasing the rate of nutrients within the muscles which makes more energy available and improving protein synthesis.



Modern day consumables easy availability coupled a busy schedule makes it more and more difficult to make the healthy choice. This is often reflected on the LDL/HDL cholesterol count. IsoFirms Isosteviol has been shown to have a damping effect on LDL cholesterol and improving HDL.



IsoFirms Isosteviol actively effects the fat to muscle ratio by assisting your body in the conversion of broken-down fat into available energy. This makes energy easier absorbed in the muscles and used instead of being disposed and stored as fat.



By increasing the available energy in your muscles, both short bursts of exercise as well as prolonged ones is getting an impact from IsoFirms Isosteviol. Protein synthesis, glycogen resynthesis and glucose uptake are all upregulated to give you maximal effort and performance.



100% plant based natural occurring Isosteviol from the plant Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. IsoFirms Isosteviol brings resting muscles what they need through an increased uptake of nutrients, so you can get back in fighting condition faster and recoup easier and faster.


100% plant based and extracted from Stevia

IsoFirms IsoSteviol is a 100% plant based and natural additive extracted from organic Stevia. It is completely neutral in taste, soluble in any product and resistant to any temperature impact during production and storage.

Short explanation of how it works:

After consuming a product containing IsoFirms Isosteviol it enters the abdomen. Here, IsoFirms Isosteviol easily passes the intestinal wall and enters the blood stream.

Once in the bloodstream, IsoFirms Isosteviol facilitates transport of free blood glucose in the bloodstream into the muscle cells.  

Furthermore, IsoFirms Isosteviol works within the muscle cells by upregulating the glycogen re-synthesis by 35% shown in study.

Dispensable in any already enhanced food or beverage:

IsoFirms Isosteviol is a novel food ingredient that can be dispensed in a wide range of enriched foods or beverages. There are almost endless possibilities to either creating entirely new products or simply adding IsoFirms Isosteviol to an already existing product.

New bar as sports nutrition – or an already established line of nutritious products? Let IsoFirms Isosteviol be your star ingredient to enhance your product’s premium feeling and efficiency.
IsoFirms Isosteviol is the ideal companion to your star food supplement on the market – whether as sports nutrition or to increase quality of life or support healthy ageing.
IsoFirms Isosteviol added to your liquid food supplement or enriched food is never a taste-changer for your product, but it is definitely a game-changer.

Key Benefits:
Fully neutral in flavor
Multipurpose use
Heat and cold stable
Plant based origin
Available in powdered form

The perfect ingredient to alter the fat-muscle ratio and increase the rate of glucose transport from the blood to muscle.

Grows your muscles and increase recovery by 35%.

IsoFirms Isosteviol increases muscle growth.
By increasing the glycogen synthesis rate within the muscle cell, it directly improves the time it takes for the muscles to recharge. This improves recovery and enables you to do your next workout 35% faster. It also increases the protein synthesis rate which builds muscles when combined with available protein. This makes IsoFirms Isosteviol the ideal synergy component for protein sports nutrition.

Increases performance and endurance.

Keep going! IsoFirms Isosteviol increases the energy supply to the muscle cells by 8% compared to placebo. It works by increasing the rate of transport of glucose from the blood into the muscles. This makes you able to perform better and for a longer time by delaying the time it takes for you to ‘hit the wall’  due to exhaustion (depleted energy in muscles). It also optimizes the recharge function of the energy storage (glycogen content) within the muscle cell.

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